Thank you for a great experience on the Sports Massage 4 day Course. The whole experience was excellent - from your extensive knowledge, the lovely participants and small group to give us all the attention and learning we need to the balance of theory and practical and time to learn from one another. I have enjoyed using my new skills and feel excited and motivated to integrate these skills into both my teaching and my own practice.
I look forward to training with you again.
Thank you

Karen Gregory, Doncaster, March 2017

I just wanted to thank you again for a well delivered and informative course. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I appreciated the fact you tailored the course to our current knowledge. It was professional yet friendly and welcoming. I look forward to learning with you in the future.

Michelle Kirkman, York, Reflexology and Cancer Course, April 2016



"I recently did the deep tissue massage (neck) course with Sue and I can thoroughly recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and very friendly. I learnt a great deal and have already incorporated what I learned into my treatments. Thank You Sue. I hope to do another course with you in the future

Kind regards Sue Walton, York, June 2015"



"Thank you Sue, Spent another day honing my skills with a great tutor. Another great course (my second with you), and have learned so much. Only wish I could do one each month!! Great tutoring, great hands on demonstrations, and great course notes. Thank you, Sue Lincoln.

Christopher Morley PT, Scarborough, June 2015"



"Thank your for a fun and informative day of Sports and Deep Tissue Massage for the lower back. The hands on practice is invaluable and to see the positive effect of the techniques used in a short period of time is so inspiring. Sue has such a wealth of information to share, this is reflected in the quality of handouts provided which are bursting with detail and diagrams. This course is a must for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and confidence in the treatment room. The Therapy Training Centre is a bright environment where students feel supported and safe that they are gaining practical and relevant knowledge. Many thanks. See you again soon,

Catherine from Bolton, June 2015"



"The Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Course tutor, Sue Lincoln, was so knowledgable and has helped me to understand the body so much more. Also it has made me want to know much more and it will encourage me to keep reading and studying further. Thank you Sue."

Nicky Wren, Lincolnshire, June 2015



"The Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Course tutor, Sue Lincoln has amazing knowledge and imparts information in a very relaxed manner. The Centre was very easy to find by car and had ample parking. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Sue's knowledge is second to non and she imparts the information in a way which is easy to understand at all levels. Her practical demonstrations were easy to follow and all techniques were corrected by her if necessary. I would thoroughly recommend Sue for this course and I'm already planning what I can do next. Thank you Sue."

Vicky Watson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, June 2015


"Therapy Training Centre is a great facility and the quality of the teaching on the Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Course was very clear and relevant. I am a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer, and I am beyond impressed with Sue Lincoln's knowledge and the course content was extremely relevant with plenty of helpful handouts. The course met all the learning objectives and it is hard to decide which was the most enjoyable part as I loved all of it. I completely enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their massage therapy knowledge and skills."

Willie Jordan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, June 2015



I am still buzzing from it all, I slept like a log last night and this morning I am already aware that I am making myself think in all those anatomical terms that now mean so much more to me. I will start to put the dominant eye notion into practice. The Advanced Massage Technique Course is a must for all therapists wanting to enhance their treatments. Sue is a very experienced tutor with an abundance of knowledge which she so generously shares with her students. This is a very well presented course that makes you look at massage with a new set of eyes. Learning to explore the trigger points and use muscle energy techniques and seeing the immediate benefit that this brings in terms of enhancing the comfort and range of movement for clients is remarkable in a such a short space of time. You learn so much more than the syllabus describes. Sue has a vast range of practical resources to draw on and shares all her information freely, you come away with so much more than expected. Thank you for a fun and informative time, I absolutely loved it. 

Stella Clayton, Leeds, March 2015



I am currently doing the Anatomy And Physiology Diploma and Massage Diploma at the Therapy Training Centre. The small classes and teaching style Sue provides lead to an excellent relaxed learning environment with plenty of one on one tutor time. The information provided in the course material and Sue's personal knowledge on these subjects is second to none. Highly recommend!

Scott Mancrief, Scarborough, 2015




The first course I did through Sue was Reiki Level 1 about 9 years ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always been interested in massage and so finally made the decision to sign up to the Massage Diploma. I completed my Anatomy and Physiology and also my Massage Diploma last year and have since signed up to do the Reflexology Diploma, which I am currently working through at the moment. I have always found Sue extremely knowledgeable, she makes you feel at ease in class and is very supportive. There is a lot of home study involved in the course so you have to be dedicated to completing it but I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. 

Emma Pickford, Therapist, 2015




The Therapy Training Centre runs a wide variety of courses, for both qualification and CPD.  Each one I have attended has been interesting, informative and really good value. I have always come away feeling inspired and I would definitely recommend the Centre to others.

Rachael Cavanagh, Therapist, 2015



I was not sure what to expect, having booked the course online (Advanced Massage Techniques for the Shoulders): but was pleasantly surprised with the intimacy of the venue, the warmth of the welcome, how quickly I was made to feel at ease and, most importantly, the quality of the training and practical instruction. 

Christopher Morley, Sports Therapist Scarborough, November 2014



I decided that I wanted to train in a therapy, so looked online for places to study in the Scarborough, North Yorkshire, area. Initially I enquired at a Further Education College here but was told that the course would not run due to too few students. I also enquired at various places further afield.  Due to being a single mum with young children I decided I did need somewhere closer, and after looking again came across the Therapy Training Centre, run by Sue Lincoln.  I phoned, then met Sue in person.  We chatted and discovered that Clinical Reflexology would suit me.   Sue stressed that it was Clinical, not the ordinary Reflexology which meant I could focus on specific conditions. I was happy with that due to my caring nature, and because at the time I was interested in nursing.  I am really happy to say that the course has been fantastic. There are only small numbers training at any one time so that Sue can give us lots of support individually.  Sue is incredibly supportive, even when I have struggled for personal reasons she is always there. The training is thorough and in depth. I believe that I will be more than ready at the end on my training to go it alone, though I'm sure Sue and the Therapy Training Centre will be there to support me for many years to come.  When I want to deepen my expertise I will be using the Therapy Training Centre.


Sophie Stein, Scarborough, 2015




I did Reiki 1 and 11 with Sue she has a very relaxed, caring approach and adds a lot to the Reiki training by talking about other important topics such as crystals. She is very experienced and although Reiki was a really new area for me she made it interesting and accessible.

Claire Rodway 2015




I am currently undertaking a Diploma course in Massage at the Therapy Training Centre in Scarborough. The Therapy Training Centre is a superb learning environment run by an approachable, highly qualified therapist, Sue Lincoln is extremely knowledgable and passionate about her subjects imparting her knowledge in different modes so that all her pupils can understand and learn. Sue has an extensive portfolio and courses to offer the novice to highly qualified therapists. I would highly recommend The Therapy Training Centre to those who need to undertake professional development modules, as well as those who would like to become a therapist. 

Sophie Wigby-Ashurst, Malton 2015



I've been to various classes at the Therapy Training Centre such as the Clinical Aromatherapy course, Advanced Massage Techniques, Natural Facelift Massage and I'm currently learning Reflexology.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each course and feel confident enough to practice the techniques I've been taught. I find Sue Lincoln to be very knowledgeable and even though some courses are intense she makes the learning fun. 

Naomi Bray, York 2015




I studied two courses at the therapy training centre, 'Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology' and 'Massage Therapy'. I am 18 and am now running my own massage therapy business from leaning everything I now know on these courses. Sue's knowledge is out of this world and so is her attention to detail.  I throughly enjoyed the courses I did at the training centre and hope to go back do further studies. I highly recommend any course from this centre and hope that they are enjoyed and much as mine. 

Jess Johnson, Terrington 2015



Sue is a fantastic teacher that I have been lucky enough to be taught by her through several courses. Her knowledge on bodywork is impeccable and I highly recommend her courses. 

Thank you sue.


Daisy Bray, Leeds



Sue Lincoln is by far the best Massage Therapist I have ever met in the uk. Her knowledge on holistic healing is second to none. I would recommend the therapy training centre to anyone.

Harry Bray, Bridlington



Having taught at many venues in the UK, I find that I always looked forward with great anticipation to teach for Sue. It is difficult enough to run a massage school in a large metropolitan area, but Sue provides a great service to our community through her own teaching. She has a sincere passion for providing the best education available in a caring and professional atmosphere. I wish all schools were so organized and dedicated and recommend the Therapy Training Centre very highly,

Art Riggs Certified Advanced Rolfer® USA 2012


I've had the pleasure to work with Sue Lincoln at Therapy Training Centre on several occasions, and find her to be dedicated, caring, intelligent, and truly interested in helping her students become better therapists. The school is a professional setting that provides students the opportunity to learn and practice techniques. Yorkshire is lucky to have Sue providing the service she gives.

Noah Karrasch, developer and instructor of CORE* Bodywork, advanced certified Rolfer, author of Meet Your Body and Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release, Missouri, USA.



I recently completed the Clinical Aromatherapy course with Sue Lincoln at the Therapy Training Centre, and am now planning to go self-employed as a therapist. Before signing on to the course, I had done quite extensive research into finding the best and most appropriate course of study. I am so glad I took the time to do this, as I could not have been happier with the quality of the teaching and the excellent standard of the training and content of the course. Sue Lincoln has a profound depth of knowledge and passion for the subject, and a talent for sharing this with her students, and wherever possible she was able to personalise the course to suit our needs. The course content is very thorough, preparing the students completely for a professional future, and I will certainly be attending Sue's other courses for continuing professional development.

Cara Meredith, Scotland 2012




I enrolled on the AAPA and Sue Lincoln School of Holistic Therapies – Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Course in September 2011, I already had a massage qualification from 7 years ago, but felt I needed to “brush up” on my massage skills. This course seemed to offer a recap on my current skills and also cover new areas.

The course exceeded my expectations. Sue’s teaching style encourages participation and active learning. Her knowledge base is vast and as well as teaching the basics she is able to diversify and has the expertise to teach many different approaches and treatment techniques. The training days were thoroughly enjoyable and I never felt I was in “school “. A highly recommended learning experience!

I have now developed a different approach to my clients, addressing their problems more specifically with assessment and making my massages more goal orientated.

 I feel my skills as a massage therapist have dramatically improved since completing this course with Sue.

Lynn Morgan

Massage Therapist

East Yorkshire   



I have studied Anatomy and Physiology (distance learning), Making your own Natural Skin Care Products and Massage Therapy with Sue.

A very relaxed way of learning, Sue is responsive and sensitive to her student’s needs and I found the teaching sessions very informal but informative. I always felt that Sue was open to discussions, not just slavishly following the written material.

Sue really does know her stuff and you will find that you go beyond any curriculum! Be prepared!  There is a lot of work involved but Sue encourages you to liase with your fellow students and learn from each other!

Sarah Coverdale

West Yorkshire




I have completed 4 of Sue Lincoln’s courses / workshops (A&P, Clinical Aromatherapy and Natural face Lift Massage and Product Making) and I am now embarking on Clinical Reflexology, Reiki 1 and Advanced Massage Techniques. Sue is a thorough and methodical teacher with excellent subject knowledge. She delivers her courses with enthusiasm and generously shares her knowledge and experience with her students. I am employed in education, and I cannot under estimate the time and dedication that Sue gives to all of her classes. Her teaching style is professional, yet human, fully addressing and understanding the individual needs of her learner’s. 

What I have gained from the course is the way Sue tailors the course tuition to your individual needs or interest. She is genuinely interested in you as an individual and whenever possible she will go in to deep detail about the subject matter (something you will never gain from a typical commercial therapy training provider). All of the course notes and materials that Sue provides are in depth and of a high quality. 

I have found each course empowering and excellent value for money (otherwise I would have never enrolled on further courses). I have investigated other training providers, but to be completely honest they do not offer what Sue does, and I know that when I complete a course with Sue that I will gain a strong subject knowledge and have experienced in depth training that will allow me to confidently practice each therapy with expertise and professionalism.

The cherry on the cake is that I have made friendships through the courses that will last me a life time, and I cannot put a price on that! 
Thank you Sue.

Sarah Jane Cooper 





My name is Kirsty Ritzema. I am 25 years old and work as a sports therapist in a private musculoskeletal clinic in Sunderland. Over the years, I have worked in the fitness industry, worked in sport, worked as a mobile therapist treating muscular complaints and now I work alongside an osteopath to correct imbalances in the musculoskeletal system as well as treat injuries (ranging from acute to chronic).

After being in practice as a qualified sports therapist for 3 years after completing a 3 year University Degree, I feel that I need to keep my advanced skills sharp to provide an A* service for my clients, so this is why I enrolled on Sue Lincoln’s Advanced Massage Techniques course. I wasn’t quite sure where the level of knowledge bar was going to be set before I went on the course and wasn’t sure if it was going to be an easy ride or be challenging for me. I was hoping for a challenge to get my brain working again and really make me think more about applied anatomy. Sue did not fail me. This course was challenging and made me think about the structures of the body in great detail (something I think we all forget to do from time to time). This course got me really excited about exploring the body again and reminded me of why I love my job! 

The course content was thorough, yet Sue managed to make it fun. Sue put everything into working context so that it made everything easier to absorb because you could see how the techniques would fit into your working day. I love how courses like this always iron out your bad habits as well which is important in practice so you stay safe and effective during your work.  I am extremely pleased with the course that Sue Lincoln delivered and I was blown away by the amount of knowledge Sue has to share. She is warm, easy to talk to and works in the industry so she could relate to all of us. She was one of us, getting alongside us to demonstrate and chat to us while we worked on each other, but still has that professionalism you expect from a lecturer. The fact that the course numbers are low also means that you get more contact time with Sue and also with each other so a large amount of your time on the course is hands on.
I can’t rate Sue highly enough and recommend her to all therapists. The course was brilliant!

Kirsty Ritzeman




"Liked integration of energetic work and manual work." June 2009


"Tutor knowledge was incredible." June 2009


"Learnt loads of new stuff, enjoyed the course". 

Dave Gibson Sports Therapist." March 2009


"Sue has a great rapport with her students." March 2009


"The course was a combination of intellectual work and lots of fun. My expectations were exceeded and Sue's knowledge was thorough and in-depth. The course and environment has been fantastic, I would advise the course to any therapist." Abigail Coultas BSc Sport Science, March 2009


"Thanks for a really useful four days on the Advanced Massage Course. As you know I am a studying physiotherapist previously having completed a Sports Science Degree and Post Graduate Diplomas in Sport Management as well as running a health club, working for Newcastle United Football Club, lecturing in Sports Science and Management at University of Northumbria and Newcastle College.

In the past I have obviously experienced many sports/exercise type courses and would rate your course extremely high. Not only was it useful in terms of the content, I found your overall knowledge and experience of palpation, anatomy and techniques of massage invaluable to what I intend to practice in the future. The course was formal enough to learn, yet friendly and informal with all students feeling comfortable to ask questions and receive really good advice and guidance. Overall I feel eager to become an ‘expert ‘ in my field of study and its really good to come across someone who also strives for this.
I wish you all the best for the future and hope to attend more of your courses."

Michael Wood, Physiotherapist, November 2007


"Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent advanced massage course, it was fabulous. You obviously know your subject inside out, and your teaching style was extremely effective. I had a great time and learnt a lot.

I'm using some of the techniques and getting some positive feedback, so I'll keep an eye on things and let you know of progress a bit further down the line."

Jane Gray, North Yorkshire, Advanced Massage Techniques, April 2007


"Lovely day, thank you Sue." - April 2009


"Thoroughly enjoyable day."

Barbara Goodall - April 2009"


I enjoyed everything about the day, really pleased I attended. A very satisfied student." 

Melanie Barwick - April 2009


"Excellent, Sue is extremely experienced and knowledgeable." 

Isobel North - March 2009


"Excellent teaching, learnt a lot, very knowledgeable." - March 2009"


Well pleased with course, very professional"

Alan Jackson - January 2009


"Would recommend to others." - November 2008


"Very informative and interesting course, professionally delivered." 

Elizabeth Nash - November 2008


"Very enjoyable and refreshing." 

Helen Hugill - November 2008


"Great information and enthusiasm. Easy to read literature." 

Shanee - December 2009


"Brilliant. Move closer to me please!" 

Pam Usher - December 2009


"Excellent course."

Louise Booth - September 2009


"Excellent course and delivered in the best relaxed, informative way. Extremely well presented." 

Radia Williams - September 2009

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