Deep Tissue Massage (Full Body)

This course covers a comprehensive range of deep tissue, advanced massage and remedial massage techniques. 

The course content includes the following:

Anatomy of the neck and glenhumeral joint
Back Massage - Advanced Massage Techniques
Neck Massage – Advanced Massage Techniques
Shoulder Massage – Advanced Massage Techniques
How to lengthen and shorten muscles

Muscle Injury
Pain Cycle
Trigger Points
Use of fists, forearms and elbows
Stretch Receptors
Dermal receptors
Palpatory Techniques
Muscle Energy Techniques
Passive Movements
Assisted Exercises
Pain and Massage
Rotator Cuff injuries
Levator scapulae release
Ice and Heat Application
Post Isometric Relaxation/PNF stretches 
Hip Pain – Anatomy of the lower back, hip and thigh
Piriformis syndrome
Lower Back Massage
Hip Massage
Knee Massage

Spring 2020

Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th March and

Tuesday 28th  & Wednesday 29 April 2020 - £480

10.00 - 16.00




Prerequisites for all bodywork CPD's are a Massage Diploma and a recognised Anatomy and Physiology qualification unless specifically stated otherwise.

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