Analgesic Oils for Pain Relief

This Workshop will assist aromatherapists in selecting essential oils and developing effective administration protocols for common conditions such as muscular aches and pains and arthritis which require relief from pain and are often exacerbated by the cold damp winter weather


 Course content includes: 

  • Overview of pain mechanisms and nociception

  • Study of analgesic and anti-inflammatory essential oils and how they work

  • Guidelines for use of essential oils and appropriate method of administration and dilution rates

  • Students will have the opportunity to make a product for pain relief on the workshop.

Winter 2020

Tuesday 4th February 2020 - £145

10.00 - 16.00



Prerequisites for all Aromatherapy CPD's are an Aromatherapy Diploma and a recognised Anatomy and Physiology qualification unless specifically stated otherwise.

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