Aromatherapy Masterclass 

Digestive Oils - Apiaceae Family

This  Course focuses on essential oils from the Apiaceae Family. The Study day will cover a selection of essential oils from this family.


Oils Covered on this Course:

Anethum graveolens - Dill

Angelica archangelica - Angelica

Carum Carvi - Caraway

Coriandrum sativum - Coriander

Daucus carota - Wild carrot

Foeniculum vulgare - Fennel

Petroselinum sativum - Parsley seed

There will be an opportunity to make a selected product on the day to take home with you.


Spring 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020  - £145 -

15.30 - 18.00  






Prerequisites for all Aromatherapy CPD's are an Aromatherapy Diploma and a recognised Anatomy and Physiology qualification unless specifically stated otherwise.

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