Distance Learning Anatomy and Physiology Diploma


Students will be forwarded course work for the Distance Learning Anatomy and Physiology training course over a six month period. Students are required to submit homework at the end of each one month period. The examination is approximately 10 months after the start of the course.




A good level of English and the ability to work autonomously are essential for completing this study programme.


The course is assessed by:

Mock exam attended at the School
Theoretical examination 3 hour duration attended at the School
Background reading is expected throughout the course
Continual assessment through assignment work

Download the Distance Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology training course Syllabus


Students will be expected to attend a mock examination approximately one month before the final examination. At the end of the course, candidates will sit a 3-hour theory paper in Anatomy & Physiology at the School.



On Satisfactory completion of the course the successful candidate will be awarded with the CHP Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. He/she will also receive a Diploma from The Sue Lincoln School of Holistic Therapies.


Course Fees


The Distance Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology training course, including handouts is £380 (Instalment Plan available, see application form for details). There is a examination fee of £40 payable six weeks before the examination.



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